「座談 0710 Forum 0710」The Development of Taipei as a Creative City, Forum of Strategy Planning Part one|台北創意城市發展策略規劃及行動方案座談

從幾個大方向亦提醒我看待文化創意的多元面向,創意大多來自邊陲,而這邊陲不僅是地理上的差異,也是時空下所區分出的主流文化/次文化。現在大部份創作者都是用時間換取生存空間,但在有效執行數年後,能否用生存空間喚回更多時間的善用,也讓我們執行 project 同時亦能產生創作者的 profit。也在私人民間力量進行跨產業、跨領域結合努力下,提醒或影響國家政府能針對多元創意產業條例上的擬訂,並輔導和支持在台灣島嶼上的創意產業者,進而尋找刺激、發展我們獨特的微型文化創意產業。
LEE Yi-Pei join the round table meeting charged by Community Empowering Society (Taiwan). The subject is: The Development of Taipei as a Creative City, Forum of Strategy Planning Part one.
Mentioned that creativity has become the basic elements of the promotion of local economic and social development, while the city plays an important role in the creative economy process – to grasp the city’s creative resources, to provide a creative environment for the development of multiculturalism and creativity, to stimulate and lift up the city’s society, culture, economics all around development.
Process in the forum, the development of the creative talents, the Taipei creative resources and industry links, the continuation of the kinetic energy of the creative city, Taipei creative space, the current situation and needs outlined, creative city with alleys atmosphere brewing guide for everyone to share main-oriented.
Multiple discussion of areas of expertise includes movies, eating and cooking, literature, media arts, folk art, design, cloud technology, music, culture and creative industries, etc.; forum speaker: Dylan white, Qiuzhi Hong, Hsing Lin, Ban Chern, Sun Hua-Hsiang, Chen Jing-ting, Tsai Cheng-Hung , Margaret Shiu, Outsiders factory (Lee Yipei, Nobuo TAKAMORI), Luo Junyan.
The joiners include art curator, designer, design manager, software developer, chairman of culinary school, representative from city government… ex.
From the general direction also reminded me to look at multiple aspects of cultural and creative ideas, mostly from the border, this border is not only geographical differences, the distinction between time and space out of the mainstream culture / subculture. The majority of creators in exchange for living space of time, but in the effective implementation of a few years later, whether living space to bring back the use of more time, let us also think the implementation of the project can also produce the profit. Also private non-governmental forces in a cross-over combined with the efforts to remind or affect the national government for the formulation of regulations on multiple creative industries, and counseling and support in the creative industries on the island of Taiwan who, thus looking for excitement, the development of our unique micro-cultural and creative industries.
In this forum, it presented the worries from young workers:
(1) The high rates of space in Taipei forces talented local creative workers chose to leave Taipei. (2) The closed immigration policy forces talented foreign creative workers can’t settle in Taiwan. Even some talented foreign students force to leave after they graduated. (3) The policy of culture & creative industry should divide creators (producing) and sellers (exhibitions) into 2 different categories. Meanwhile, the importance of interdisciplinary, the discussion and collaboration between generations should be included. We also ask the communities in Taiwan should join the network in Asia more progressively for develop Taiwan’s multiculturalism and information/ideologies exchange.
Photo by Lee Yipei
Speaker: Margaret Shiu.

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